• Inside Intempo clock by Filippo Castellani
  • Incipit Staff
Inside Intempo clock by Filippo Castellani

Intempo is an unconventional clock designed by Filippo Castellani for Incipit and it is one of our two projects currently part of a crowdfunding campaign on limoney.it.

Intempo is a project which comes from the analysis of our everyday actions. A light-hearted, ironic reinterpretation, Intempo is a contemporary product, a combination of functionality and design, a new way of living the clock. In a house or an office, clocks are usually static objects, which are placed on a shelf or fixed to a wall. Intempo is different. Thanks to its shape, it can be moved around in various environments and inserted into any type of container, from the pen holder on the desk to the flower pot in the kitchen.

The Designer: Filippo Castellani

Born in 1983, he graduated in 2010 in Industrial Design at the Università degli Studi di Firenze. He later moved to London where he works as a product and industrial designer, developing personal projects and collaborating on various studies with international companies. 


  • Incipit Staff