• «Tommaso Caldera innovates workshop lighting with Tull lamp»
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«Tommaso Caldera innovates workshop lighting with Tull lamp»

[**update] We are also on Dezeen.com. It's definitely Tull's week!


[*update] This is Tull's week apparently! We are very happy Domus Magazine dedicated a post on Tull lamp as well.

Designboom, a well known design blog, featured a preview of our Tull lamp by Tommaso Caldera, with the first shoots of the prototypes. The lamp will soon be in production and it will be available from September.

«Created for Italian-based company Incipit, ‘Tull’ by Tommaso Caldera is a reinterpretation of classical workshop suspension lamps, in which the light source is protected by a wire netting attached to a metal diffuser. 

In homage to its predecessor, spun aluminum forms the shade for the diffuser and curved steel wires bend for the protective cage. The innovation of the lighting system appears through its shape, language, and proportions, which allow the object to be transferred from rugged and industrial warehouses to calm and domestic living spaces.
The result is a design characterized by a smooth shell enclosed by continuously curving loops that house a single bulb»

Keep reading on Designboom.

  • Incipit Staff
  • Press reviewTull