• Incipit: my entrepreneurial adventure
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Incipit: my entrepreneurial adventure

There’s a time for everything: a time for childhood, when fantasy is devoted to games. A time for adolescence, when we dream a lot and think we can conquer the world. A time for young adulthood, when fantasy evolves into creativity and a time for adulthood, when our creativity can become a profession. I am going to tell you what happened to me, Marta Bernstein, 33, who, with great determination and enthusiasm, and maybe a touch of madness, despite the present less then favourable times, decided to embark in a new design adventure, because in the end design is also woman.

My mother is an architect and I was fed on bread and design. Thanks to the graphic experience at the university and then at LS Design studio, which I opened with some fellow students, in early in 2013 I decided to channel my energies and focus on young designers, thus founding Incipit Lab in Milan, a start-up which is partly company, partly training lab and workshop for the apprenticeship.

The project gradually took shape until the launch of the first collection during Milan’s Design Week in 2014. I painstakingly chose my companions of adventure, who are also design professionals with different experiences, so as to create a team of young women who, thanks to their sensitivity, believe they can face today’s market challenges.

My insight is simple: creating a network where young designers are free to experiment and grow professionally, followed and tutored throughout their training path by professionals of the sector.

At the basis of the whole project lies the idea of the Renaissance workshop, where young artists made their apprenticeship learning the craft from a Master. Today Incipit aims to be a third millennium workshop, very different from its ancestor, but perfectly matching in terms of the spirit pervading it and the chance for a learning path young designers are given. In what way? Upon living school young talents generally face different alternatives: they can embark in self-production or create a group with their friends and fellow students, they can be hired by an enlightened company, where they can follow a pre-defined training path, they can cooperate with an architecture or design studio, where they can have the chance to learn and grow. But how many of them actually succeed?

With all this in mind, I created a workshop-network in order to gather young talents and direct them on a precise path of apprenticeship, along which professionals of the sector support them. At the moment we are focusing on creating all this through a mechanism of very low fixed costs and limited investments. As a company Incipit is self-financed through the commercialization of the products developed by these young talents.

Also in terms of selection of the designers to be promoted, I like to support women. Side by side with already renown names like Ilaria Innocenti, who for Incipit developed the collection Muselet and Manuela di Loreto, creator of the project Sunset and keen tutor of young talents, we have young and talented women, like Laura Marin and Mati. Owing to the idea of the ever growing and evolving workshop, that flourishes year by year, also our promising young talents are continuously progressing.

Despite of this uncertainty period, I feel I well represent a new generation that, with enthusiasm and ability for confrontation, wants to pioneer the change made necessary by the dynamics of an ever-changing market.


  • Incipit Staff