• Exploring Incipit: ILARIA INNOCENTI our art director & designer
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Exploring Incipit: ILARIA INNOCENTI our art director & designer

It's time to discover who are the actors behind Incipit: from today on we will get to know them, one by one. We will tell you about their passions, their inspirations and their wishes. A tête-à-tête to know us better.

Our first guest is Ilaria Innocenti: she has been part of the group since the very beginning of our adventure as a designer and art director.


What does it mean for you to be the art director of a young brand which as the aim of promoting young designers as Incipit? 
What I like doing the most is creating a global view of the brand. Collaborating with Incipit, a young company made by young people, means being able to dive into every aspect of the company life and feeling the absolute value of your contribution. Working with a young team means that there is much synergy and it's relatively easy to share ideas and solutions.

What does designing mean to you?
I have a classical approach to design… to me it is a process of creating something and of communicating with the final user. My aim is creating an allurement and connection with the common objects people use everyday, adding a pinch of my personal style.

How do you start when you have to think about a new project? 
I start with a feeling suggested by a material or a manufacturing process. I imagine the synergy of two different materials together. I take inspiration and advice from other creativity disciplines.


The journey of a lifetime: where? With whom? Why?
Every time I travel it’s the journey of a lifetime. I love traveling. I love integrating in a country’s life, even if for just two days, to have new and fresh points of view. I usually travel with Giorgio, my partner of life and work. He reads a lot before a journey and writes down addresses and info. Once we get to the destination, I’m the one who follows allures and situations. I’m an improvisation expert!


Favourite book?
Unfortunately, I manage to read only on holiday. I buy several non-fiction books related to design, exhibition catalogues and authors’ monographs during the year, to discover designers’ and artists’ lives. Sometimes I enjoy rereading some passages from “The Little Prince”, a great life guide.

Favourite film?
I’ve watched “Amélie” over and over again… I may partly picture myself like the protagonist!

Favourite film director?
Wes Anderson, perhaps for the set design of his films.

Favourite food?
I love food and I love cooking. My top five includes: rosette (fresh pasta typical of Modena), Sicilian granita, Tuscan ribollita, pasticciotto of Lecce, Neapolitan pizza and my granny’s tart.


The must-have song on your iPod/phone?
“E-pro”, Beck, my only soundtrack when I go jogging.

What can’t you do without, during the design process and/or everyday life?
Scribbling all over white paper sheets with my favourite ink jet pen (a black Muji pen).


Tomorrow you’ll wake up and…
I’m going away to discover Tibetan carpets (but I’ll come back before 7 years… too many emails yet to read!).


  • Incipit Staff
  • art directordiscovereveryday IncipitIlaria Innocentiinside the design process