Filippo Castellani

Born in 1983, he graduated in 2010 in Industrial Design at the Università degli Studi di Firenze.
He moved to London where he works as a product & industrial designers developing personal projects and collaborating on various studies and international companies.
In 2007 he is present for the first time at Fuorisalone in Milan as part of the "Pure Sign" organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Pistoia and in 2008 he took part in the workshop "Right Through Making" in collaboration with the TU / e in Eindhoven .
In 2011 he was the winner of the "Think out of the box" organized by Domus Academy which allows him to take part in the Masters in Design.
Filippo’s collaboration with Incipit started in 2013 spring when Filippo was working for one of the Incipit tutor , Marc Krusin. The first contact with Roberto Hoz came from the opportunity Marc presented to Filippo of developing projects for this new Company which was looking for young designers. Filippo is characterized by an observing approach which brings him to always make deep evaluations of ideas and things without leaving anything as given. Through his intrinsic curiosity and analytical spirit Filippo analyzes everything that surrounds him daily, this continuous approach guides him to review, re-design and produce new versions of objects that are integral part of our life and culture.