Raul Frollà

Born in 1983, he studied Industrial Design at the Centro Sperimentale di Design in Ancona.
After his studies he collaborated with many architectural studios and worked for the Odoardo Fioravanti Design Studio. He also worked as a designer for companies operating in the consumer electronics, automotive and furniture sectors.
He opened his own Industrial Design studio in 2010, focusing his attention mainly on product design, furniture and consumer electronics.
Raul started his collaboration with Incipit through a friend who introduced him the coming through of a new Company with specific differences from the market standard. The possibility to collaborate with young designers and on their potential skills brought him to design enthusiastically a product for the Incipit opening collection. When developing a new project Raul is driven by two main guidelines, the need of the client as well as the realization of his own ambitions: a new product, innovation, utilization of new materials or a differentiating detail. From this he starts then working on the shape: a usually long task, that with the patience required to put always everything under discussion, which leads him till the result of arriving to the definition of the object aesthetic that will make the product worth for the further realization steps.